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Paige Donahoe

Twisted Branch Photography is the brain child of Paige Donahoe, a Southern California native who loves to take pictures!

Her interest in photography started at an early age and while she pursued many other interests, she always had a camera in her hand, whether it was a party, an event or a race.

As her family got more and more into racing, she found herself in the co-driver seat and behind the camera more and more. She started to really enjoy her time behind the camera and has taken many many pictures over the years at races. She even has the opportunity to shoot for New York Times at the 2006 Baja 1000 and had two of her pictures published in the New York Times and also in several off-road industry magazines.

As her family grew, she found herself enjoying taking pictures of her kids more and more. She also was asked to shoot a few weddings. A couple of years ago with more time on her hands she was able to step up her love and passion for photography and began to hone her skills in that art. She started to get paid for what she has always loved to do! Paige has now launched Twisted Branch Photography and is providing photography services to all that are interested in someone who will get the job done with a smile.

The idea behind the name: The name Twisted Branch - came from the idea that many tree's branches twist and turn to follow the sun. Since Photographers paint with light, the idea for Twisted Branch was born in that as a photography service we will twist and turn to follow the light to get the most beautiful pictures possible.